till she leaves


for yvette

When I see you I think of a garden in summer – homegrown pastel petals pop up, prevalent on every sidewalk. I am reminded: Each flower possessing individual shades, their unique network of veins contributing to different characters. When I see you, hints of autumn and spring begin to metastasize within the curls of your hair and the creases of your favourite Beatles shirts. Enthralled by your aura, the flowers around you grow fonder each day.

Months had flown by, and little by little, your presence began to blossom my tiny shoots. You were like a blue-ombre flower with petals transcending from paler skies to deeper oceans (which I find to be really pretty). Your lulling allure unravelled fragments of laughter and frustration stitched together in our experiences.

And you taught me, of the places I’ll go – you’ll move mountains! – so I gradually register to the vastness of my own character.

There were plethoras to explore, so many new grown fruits to harvest. Your existence makes me happy, and I will hark back often on our journey together. You are a masterpiece on this very soil; I longed to have spent better hours. But like dandelion, I see your petals carry away quickly, in search of new grounds to begin again.

It withers me to see you go.

But right now: Let the wind take you to prettier canopies. Thrive in your journey ahead; passion propels the heart forward. So grow and bloom, because then,

will others do, too.


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