Why did you include an awkward page like ‘About’?
15 reasons:

  1. because it’s an (unspoken but somewhat) obligatory column that i should be filling in
  2. because you were probably curious to who i am.
  3. because ‘natatorium’ is unbeliveably (to me) a word as real as ‘lepak’ on the Oxford Dictionary that  a) is closest to my name  b) sounds like a great word to have my name inscribed onto so we could share the status of a word’s existence  c) has a subtle association with the term ‘indoors’.
  4. because my name is seaweed speckled, or maybe just cheesy, but never a Pringles’ original
  5. because I like to eat Pringles – indoors –
  6. because my name is the first three syllables of this blog’s URL
  7. because i can’t swim (read: i could drown in a natatorium filled with word’s fluidity)
  8. because my posts may sound weak, i admit.
  9. because writing is the form of expressing that i still cannot wrap my head around
  10. because I am an adolescence experimenting with words and definitions
  11. because this blog is probably mostly about my problems (this page being one of them)
  12. because Blogspot is WP’s awkward distant cousin
  13. because i love to ice-skate
  14. because i probably want you to remember me as that skater girl
  15. because i am here, writing.




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